Apex'i Super Ignition Timing Converter (S-ITC)

From Apex'i: "The Super ITC adjusts ignition timing by +/- 15% by modifying the crank/cam angle signal on certain vehicles. The timing curve is adjusted by setting the timing at 5 different points along the RPM range and the values between are interpolated by the ITC from those 5 points. The Super ITC used in conjunction with the Super AFC fuel controller creates a new dimension of tuning with piggyback computers. Apexi recommends having the Super ITC installed and tuned by authorized shops."

The only real problem, is that in about 90% of the packages they shipped of this product, they seemed to forget to put the ENGLISH instructions in the box.

So, without permission, I now reproduce a copy of the English manual, that I was able to obtain a photocopy of, two years ago. I don't think Apex'i will mind, as they don't even list this product in their catalogue any more.

I apologize for the size of the files (5-7 megs each), but you should only need to grab the first couple of pages, and then the particular page that pertains to your car. Also, with the small print and fine details, I didn't want to lose any more of the image quality than was already missing. These are all in Adobe PDF format, so you should be able to read and print them on just about any system out there. See www.adobe.com for a reader if you need one.

You may want to right-click on them, and hit "save as".

Page Contents Notes
1 Front and Back Cover Actually from the Japanese manual, but if you want to stick it in a binder or something, you might as well have a title page.
2-3 Operations and Connections How to work it, and how to connect the wires... although I recommend soldering and shrink-wrapping all connections.
4-5 How to Use It Specifics of switches, and what it does to the timing curve.
6-7 ECU Locations How to locate your ECU
Vehicle Specific Wiring Diagrams begin here...
8-9 Nissan 300ZX, Skyline GT-R, Skyline, Silvia, 180SX 
10-11 Nissan Stagia, Silvia, 180SX, Pulsar GTi-R
12-13 Nissan 180SX, Cedric Gloria
14-15 Toyota Supra, ?, Soarer
16-17 Toyota Mark II, Supra
18-19 Toyota Mark II, Supra, Soarer, MR-2, Celica, Levin Trueno
20-21 Toyota MR-2, Celica, Levin Trueno, Starlet
22-23 Toyota/Mitsubishi Starlet/Lancer EVO-II, EVO-III, GTO
24-25 Mitsubishi/Mazda Lancer EVO-IV and DSM (Talon/Eclipse)/RX-7
26-27 Mazda RX-7, Roadster
28-29 Mazda/Subaru Roadster/Impreza, Legacy
30-31 Subaru Legacy, Impreza
32-33 Honda Integra, Oddessey, Civic
34-35 Honda Integra, Civic