Welcome to "Sound Advice": The Club DSM Canada Car Audio Column.

    So, you've got this awesome DSM that'll blow the doors off of practically any car on the road. Congratulations!!! Now, will your audio system do the same thing??? No??? Then this column is for you!
    In this regularly appearing column I hope to cover various aspects of the Car Audio World. There are many, many topics that can be covered in this field. I hope to touch on some of them over time. Some will be covered in more detail than others depending on my knowledge of the subject, interest level of the topic and the amount of information I can dig up. Remember, this column is here for YOUR benefit! If there is any particular topic or item you want covered please let me know
I welcome tips, articles or information from anyone who has knowledge in the Car Audio scene. Feed back is always welcome, whether it be good or bad and will aid in shaping the character of the column.
     Any corrections, questions or alternate views on the topic will be discussed in follow-up columns. I don't pretend to know everything on all topics, if someone wants information on a particular subject I'll do my best to cover it. If I don't know the answer I'll try and research it as best as possible. Please, don't ask me product dependent questions like; Will my model abc head unit work well with my model xyz amplifier? Or, what wire of my model abc head unit do I connect to power? I won't know. However, if you have a general question regarding noise, installation technique or system bug then ask away, I try my best to help!
    Most of my information will be gathered from the many magazine articles I've collected over the years from publications such as Car Audio and Electronics, Car Stereo Review and Auto Sound and Security. I'll be using some of the diagrams, charts and pictures etc. from these publications and in each case I'll mention the publication that furnished the piece. I hope this will satisfy any copyright infringements (I'm not gaining in anyway by doing this column or making any money) but if this is found to be unacceptable then I'll remove the articles.
    Lastly, I'm a "tech" grammar and spelling are not my strong points so ignore any grammatical faux pas!
    O.K. on with the Show!!!


From oldest to most recent;
Article 1: An introduction to the world of car audio, meet the author and a general test to see how all this will work.
...(more articles to come)

Article 2: In this column we'll look at some of the different options available to upgrade the source of the music you listen to, namely the head unit.

Article 3: Installing aftermarket head units. How to do it and the tools you'll need.

Article 4: Speakers: Everything you wanted to know but were afaid to ask....

Article 5: Ohm's Law and more! new.gif (307 bytes)


Car Audio and Electronics :One of the many magazines I read to gather information

Mobile audio : a comprehensive source for car audio junkies

Glossary: A description of all those weird acronyms from the car audio world. This will link you to "Mobileaudio.com". . The Glossary is specifically from the rec.audio.car news group FAQ.