Southern Ontario Sunday Lunch Log

May 6th, 2001

A new record! 42 cars and counting...

The caravan then headed for Marco's own, Magnus Motorsports... where Papa Magnus and company, had the BBQ blazing and were serving up the hot sausages and burgers by the thousands! All in all, a fantastic day, beautiful weather, beautiful people, beautiful cars! Thanks to Marco, for the fine food and company... it is appreciated!

April 1st, 2001

April fools! We're no fools... most cars were out of hibernation, and turnout was spectacular, despite the nay-sayers!

November, December, January, February, March...

Man, it's been cold. Too cold to get out the camera, but not too cold to enjoy a day with the gang.

Turnout has been great all winter, particularly considering the weather. The number of cars that has showed up consistently, is just amazing. We're averaging 25 cars!

Next month should be the best yet, with more and more cars coming out of storage.

October 1st, 2000

27 cars, including an unprecedented number of newbies and referrals from the Toronto Star article! I guess it wasn't all bad after all. Likely a new record, with three BCS restrictor removals!

September 3rd, 2000

Counted 33 cars at the peak, I guess some holidays don't stop some people. We'd have some pics, but Mark hasn't sent them in yet... -hint-hint-

August 6th, 2000

Ok, that's it... from now on, we contact the government and have them move the holidays to non-DSM days!

Still got to do at least one BCS restrictor mod though, so it wasn't a total loss...

July 2nd, 2000

Small turnout, but what can you expect for a long weekend!

June 4th, 2000

Another beautiful day in DSM land...

May 7th, 2000

Fantastic day, fantastic turnout! New record, 37 cars in total, not including the wannabees! Some came out as a result of the "interesting" article from last month's Toronto Star, what a mess that was. No matter, at least they found us.

Also! Handed out the award for the smallest DSM, as it ripped around the lot demonstrating some pretty nice AWD 4 wheel drift...

April 2nd, 2000

Holy cow, we're behind, and a good chunk of the log was lost... well, no matter. It was a beautiful spring day. The birds were chirping, the turbos spooling and the BOVs popping off...

A fellow from the Toronto Star was out to do an article about the club, took a few pictures, chatted it up with members. Hopefully he gets everything into his article correctly.

May 2nd, 1999

Probably the biggest turnout yet!   At one point we totaled over 35 freshly cleaned and waxed dsm's.  We even had a visit from our Rallyking Michel, who drove his heavily stripped and modified Talon all the way from Quebec without A/C or the ability to open a window. (see his sweaty pic below)  It was also a day of showing off new FMIC's.  Both Steve Kinnard and Andy were displaying new toothy grins, while Marco pulled up in his crowd pleasing 323 turbo... (snicker snicker :)) We also got a visit from a local dealer hoping to pawn off acouple Talons... like any of us would be stupid enough to buy one of those eh?

LunchCrowd.jpg (17671 bytes)
MichelRallyCar.jpg (31401 bytes)

April 4th, 1999

Easter Sunday! Happy Hoppy Day!

Between the holday, and the previous day's caravan to opening day at Cayuga, turnout was lighter than usual... but the winter tires were off, and the summer slicks were rollin'!

March 7th, 1999

The weather is looking up!  Spring is on the way!

Most of the stored cars are still no-where to be seen, but a few did make a ground-hog like appearance...

February 7th, 1999

Just another regular meeting. Was a very fair turnout, considering the weather!

The usual winter debate raged, about finding somewhere warmer to meet... but after all, this is Club DSM CANADA!

January 10th, 1999

Well, we were delayed by a week due to a heavy population of idiot drivers on the road and a little bit of snow, but we made it out for the follow-up meeting just fine. It's amazing to see so many sets of winter rims and tires, and the rolling salt-licks.. Unlike most meetings, we only remained outside for a short period of time, as it was damn cold. Please excuse Josip for his choice in cars as featured in the foreground... he's seeking therapy for that... smile.gif (93 bytes)

sm990110.jpg (17501 bytes)

It should be noted as well, that the Ottawa regional people, also gathered on this day, and while we don't have many details yet, there are certainly some nice pictures to look at...

OttawaCars990110.jpg (14558 bytes) OttawaGroup990110.jpg (19899 bytes)

December 6th, 1998

Awesome turnout guys... in the end, we had about 23 DSM's, although not all were around at the same time, so by the time we got the camera out, it was somewhat smaller.

sm981206.jpg (28784 bytes)

The weather was a little bit dismal, but what can you expect for this time of year. Chris put insurance on his car for the day, just to bring his car to the meeting... talk about dedication! Mark's car died on the way here, so the PP didn't make it. Silly coil pack again... ah well, we've all been there. Steve was slipping the goods to everyone again... the caps man, the caps!

We had a visit from the local mounted police, but they were all smiles and chat. Good thing too, considering the lack of any emissions controls on the 4x4's they were driving... smile.gif (93 bytes)

November 1st, 1998

Not much to say, the turnout was good, everyone had a good time, but no pictures were taken.

It seems as though everyone has the mods bug, but the weather is slowly turning to the worse... ahh well, cooler air makes for faster runs, and the spring will be here before we know it!

October 4th, 1998

WOW! Talk about a "last blast" meeting! smile.gif (93 bytes)

AllCars981004.jpg (39891 bytes)

This was probably the highest meeting turnout since the Centennial Park adventure. A total of 20 DSM cars showed up as well as Lionel in his VW and Steve in his Avenger, and Sharok in his Toyota. A ton of first timers came out too. Highlights include the "playfight" that Josip, Ivan and Steve R had set up for my (PPG) arrival (LOL) and the talk about the Black 1st gen with a 20G and Front mount??!! A few of us were eating at the time and only heard about it, but did not know who it was. Turns out it was our own Andrew Chin, who stepped up to bat with a mighty big swing...

Our first ever Galant VR4 (welcome to the club Ian!) showed up as well as our first 2nd gen Eclipse (Dan Kim's 12.1--all greddy 18G, FMIC all the way from Chicago). Dan was nice enough to take Josip out for a ride smile.gif (93 bytes) and Josip was in Greedy heaven...who wouldn't be? It was a great meeting for talking and looking. We also had a very unimpressed security guard this month (see the UBB for more info). Noticeable absentees: Bob T, Andrew B, Boro M?? The group picture was taken by Lionel and is above... additionally, there are a bunch more pics on the next page!  I won't even mention the ride back from Yorkdale with me and AC here...stay tuned, and see you all next month. Hopefully the weather will be just as nice!

September 6th, 1998

Well, two meetings in a row fall on a long weekend frown.gif (94 bytes)

sm980906.JPG (21716 bytes)

It makes for a thin crowd, thats for sure. We had about 12 DSM cars show up. The list included Lionel's Talon, running with his stock MAF and 10psi (only 3 gears in the tranny worked too) The car still flies...can't wait till its back together properly. Steve R performed the now ritual BCS restrictor removal on another 1st timer. We stood around and made Greedy jokes at "Josip" because of his remarks as of late on the UBB. It was WAY too hot outside, so we searched for some shade in the trees (and looked like a posse waiting to swarm some unsuspecting person). We also discussed another date for a track visit, in the beginning of October. We will post the date once we have it. It will kinda be a "last blast" thing of the season for some of us. frown.gif (94 bytes)

Hopefully next meeting will have a MUCH bigger turnout, as it won't fall on a long weekend smile.gif (93 bytes) see you then...

August 2nd, 1998

Well folks, I (PPG) will give the Coles notes of the last meeting, as it seemed like a Coles notes kinda meeting. The turnout was MUCH better than I expected, being a long weekend and all. I never counted but I am sure there was 15 cars there. Problem was most folks left within the first hour frown.gif (94 bytes) A select few of us went to eat (why is it so hard to get you all to eat?) and talked of the upcoming Ultimate Import racing on Saturday. We also performed the "newbie" ritual of the boost solenoid restriction removal on a new unsuspecting member smile.gif (93 bytes)  I noticed at least 2-3 new members there too. Sorry, but no pics this time because Andrew B didn't show (although I bet now he wished he did) [he does, but he was on vacation]. Best thing about this meeting...Andrew C's car was there (his Talon!)

July 5th, 1998

sm980705.jpg (30537 bytes)

Well folks, our first ever "relocated" Sunday meeting was a success! A total of 20 DSM cars showed up at Centennial Park and 3 other members without their beloved Talons. We hung around near the go-karts for a while until someone decided (PPG) that they were hungry. smile.gif (93 bytes)   So we relocated to a nearby parking lot that was across from a McDonalds. We ate and then returned to the cars to discuss the shootout and our cars (as usual). All and all a very good meeting. Thanks to Chris for running out to Yorkdale to get anyone who was unaware of the move. In the end, we think that we should leave the meetings at Yorkdale and maybe plan an official PICNIC at Centennial or some other park. Some place with lots of grass, trees, open spaces, and no hot pavement... Whatdoyathink?

June 7th, 1998

What a beautiful day for a meeting, until it started pouring down on our heads. As a direct result, no picture this month, sorry. Didn't want to get the camera wet.

Descriptive highlights? Well, about 15 cars or so, and a few new faces, and it's always good to see new people out. A real highlight was hearing PPG's stutterbox mod in action. For those who don't know what that is, it's part of the Todd Day - Technomotive ECU mods kit. It lets you put the pedal to the floor, and the engine revs at a pre-set RPM and no higher. It's designed to let you launch perfectly for a straight-line race... but ohh what a sound! Ren-n-n-n-n-n-n-n!

Other updates included Josip's upper and lower intercooler pipes, and a terrifying discussion of Chris' chances of getting his engine back on the road, without the oil all pouring out onto the road.

May 3rd, 1998

sm980503.JPG (33508 bytes)

Another wonderful day to be a DSM... we had a rocking turnout of 20-23 cars, depending when you were counting. We flagged more people in from off the street than ever before, and in the process there should be a few more shining faces/voices/messages around here. We also snapped some more digital photos of people and their cars, so that we could include them in the member database. If you had a car there, be sure and check out the pictures page and claim your car! All in all, we were there from noon until 2:30-3:00pm.... just awesome man!

April 5th, 1998

Fantastic day!  Sunny, dry and cool... those whose cars were still in storage, were crying. Some others were 'mudpuppies' (to quote Ilana) after the recent rains... All in all, a good meeting. It quickly seemed to turn into DSM family day, as an unprecedented number of significant others and children were on hand. As one member of the fairer sex kindly observed, "there's only one thing worse than guys talking about cars, and that's guys talking about computers and cars"... well, she couldn't have been in a better place.

We hit 15 cars at the peak, with some awesome long distance trvellers... hope to see more of you out next time!

Sunday, March 1st, 1998

sm980301.jpg (61581 bytes)

It was a good day to be in a DSM... particularly an AWD.  The drizzle was pissing down upon us, throughout most of the meeting, but turnout was strong.  See if you can spot the two different cars in the lineup, one of them is a cousin of ours, and the other is a rarely seen north of the border, Eclipse!

Discussion was hot... and razzing was high. -- PPG showed up in his car, in the rain!

All in all, it was a great meeting, wish more of you could be there... it was well after 2pm before we all took off for home.