Welcome once again, to Club DSM Canada... please take a moment and read ALL of what is below.

We are a non-profit, Internet based, free to join, car club. As you should have figured out by now, we are dedicated to the enjoyment, enhancement and performance of the Eagle Talon, Plymouth Laser and Mitsubishi Eclipse... however our support also includes a few other cars, the Mitsubishi Galant VR4, the Dodge Avenger, and the Chrysler Sebring. These last cars share some common components with our DSM cars, so we welcome them to partake in the fray.

In order to join Club DSM Canada, you must simply fill your information into the database, from the button below. Beyond that, the club is what you make it. Look around, get into what you want to get into, join in the chatter in the Bulletin Board (if you have not already), and generally have a good time.

If you have extra time to spare, then consider putting some time back into the club. We are run by the members, for the members. If you have technical knowledge to share, then consider doing so. You don't need to be a web-page guru, if you can operate a word processor, or even just in email, that's good enough.

If we have regular Club DSM Canada meetings in your area, come on out... if we don't, why don't you hold one. Just announce the day, pick a place (close to you) and go... you may be alone, there may only be one other person there, but that's how we all started out.

Everyone has something worthwhile to contribute, even if it's just moral support. Do your part, and we'll all get more out of it, yourself included. :-)


First off, we'll give a few details here on filling out the registration information. You may want to keep this window open, and start another copy of your Internet browser. That way, you can flip back and forth between them, and read the notes here.

Please fill in as much information as you are comfortable with. This info will not be shared with anyone but club members, and should not be abused. The more info you fill in, the more useful it is to all of us. Some are afraid of putting in phone numbers (for example), but when you think about it, if you're listed in the public phonebook, you're even more accessible. :-)

Before you add yourself to the list though, hit the VIEW button, and have a look at who's in there already, and what they put in the various categories. The layout is a little rough right now, but that will only improve with time. Seeing what the others have written, should give you an idea as to what we're looking for.

Follow examples where they are given in the description of the field you are filling in. If you have no info to add to a particular field, please simply leave it blank. Do NOT put "none", "n/a", or the like.

We also have provision to put images into the database. This means that you can have a picture of yourself, and one of your car. The personal image should be 80 x 80 pixels, and the car picture should be 160 x 80 pixels, both preferably JPEG image files. You can keep these files on your own site and reference them from the database, or you can send them to us, for hosting here. If you are unsure about the technical details of this, feel free to just send any pictures you have of yourself, and your car, and we'll gladly clean them up for you and put them into the database.

The rest should be fairly straightforward. Just follow the example formats, as they are listed in each question and you should be fine. If you get stuck, drop us an email and we'll be glad to help.

Lastly, the database will ask you to create a login name and password. Feel free to use the exact same name and password as in the chat board (assuming you've been in there already), BUT they are not inter-linked. They are two separate programs, so you do have to open a new account in the member database, your first time in it. This account will let you create your entry, and edit it down the road. It will also let you view the rest of the database, so don't lose your password!


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