More Pics from Oct 4, 1998

Ok, so Lionel had a good time snapping some pics, so here they are...


left_oct498.jpg (18212 bytes)  right_oct498.jpg (17889 bytes)
center_oct498.jpg (14749 bytes)
All of us...

gsx.jpg (25215 bytes)
Our visitor from the US...

gsx_face1.jpg (18565 bytes) slo_face1.jpg (21073 bytes)
"Here's one killer front end" "If looks could kill...Slopoke would
be wanted for mass murder"
stever.jpg (33100 bytes) slo_eng.jpg (43834 bytes)
Steve performing the obligatory newbie
restrictor modification.
Slowpoke's - not so slow new mods...

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