Test 'n Tune Day

Was on June 13th, 1998

at London Motorsports Park

Gates were open from 9:00am until 4:00pm

In attendance were:

  • Andrew B
  • Bob Thompson
  • Dennis Wong
  • Ivan & Joe
  • Chris Holmes
  • Mark PPG
  • Mark (same exhaust as Bob :-)
  • Steve D
  • Steve K
  • Naz
  • Boro (better late than never...how'd you make out in the import races?)
  • Paul L (moral support :-)
  • Andrew's recruit (sorry I dont know your name)

See the Pictures

The day began for some of us at 7:45am on Satuday Morning. Bob, Ivan, Joe, Chris and I met for a big Mocha Java at Tim Horton's. We departed at 8:00am and headed out to meet everyone else at McDonalds for breakfast. We arrived in Cambridge around 8:40am (ok, so we drove a little fast :-) Joining our caravan in Cambridge was Andrew B, Steve K and his sister, Naz, Steve D and his S.O. We ate a typical McDonalds Breakfast and headed out.

Our caravan at this point was quite cool and did attract some attention. We averaged about 125 KPH or so the whole time, and had a few strange glances from people.

We paid our $25 for the test and tune and headed for tech. We were joined shortly thereafter by Mark A, and Dennis W, and Boro. Special visits by Paul L and his family, and by a new member with a green 95+ Talon. The first couple of runs were just for getting used to the track. The smell of clutch was everywhere :-) The sound of open exhausts from all those v8 guys made it hard to hear our own cars. The times for the cars were all over the place. Some folks found it hard to get a good "time" out of their cars :-(

We were approached by numerous people asking about our cars and why they were so fast :-) Our club had almost as many people show up as the "Z Club" who were actually running an event at the same time. Notable missing folks were Andrew C (slowpoke) and Lionel and his 12 sec Mustang (I wanted one race with you man!) and the other 100+ members (LOL)

All in all a great practice run for the shootout! Which BTW is only 3 weeks away!!!!!!!   Yahoo!!!

Afterwards, we waved good-bye to the locals, and the caravan went East again. We stopped in Cambridge, and had a bite to eat off Andrew's BBQ. It was nice to relax and unwind with everyone over a frosty beverage and a burger/sausage. Looking forward to the next time...

I'm sure I forgot someone... highlights of the day?
Naz...running a 12.7 (damn!)
Steve K whumpin his Dad's GTP with a stunning 14.4 run (seriously, cool!!!)
Rain....lotsa rain for about 5 mins.
Beating some serious V8 booties (way too much noise for those times!)
Oh yeah, and my 12.98 @ 105mph run :-) yahooo