Test 'n Tune Day Picture Gallery

Our apologies for how long this may take to load up, but it's one of those things where we wanted to show the maximum detail, because the pictures are from a distance.  ie: Go for a bathroom break, estimated load time is around 4 mins...

AndyHighway.jpg (13557 bytes)
Crusin' along, on the way to the track, everything is cool, and the weather is looming overhead.

lineup.jpg (22103 bytes)
The lineup of fine cars, awaiting entry.

     GettingSetUp.jpg (30301 bytes)
Filling out the necessary paperwork

nazlot.jpg (27056 bytes)
Naz and his 12.7s beast...

CarLineup.jpg (25516 bytes)     cartalk.jpg (28490 bytes)
Getting the cars ready to run

AndyAtTree.jpg (40675 bytes)      AndyPullin.jpg (25831 bytes)
AndyLaunch.jpg (34118 bytes)

Andy takes a run down the track... Looks good, but the results weren't what he'd hoped for.

BobDennisRun.jpg (19308 bytes)      chrisrun.jpg (25063 bytes)
A couple more runs, by Bob and Dennis on the left, and Chris on the Right.
AndyPullsPaul.jpg (27577 bytes)      paulandy.jpg (30181 bytes)
DownTheTrack.jpg (27600 bytes)

And this is conclusive evidence of a FWD kicking butt... but Andy probably missed the shift. wink.gif (135 bytes)

PPGKicksAss.jpg (51542 bytes)
And, the shot of the day... PPG wiping the floor up with this big block purple beater.