Yorkdale Mall

Home of the Monthly Club DSM Canada Meeting!

Ok, basically speaking, trying to come up with a map to Yorkdale would be pointless.   There are so many streets that come together all at once, it would only get you lost.


Well, Yorkdale is at the 401 and Dufferin Road in Toronto.
South side of the 401, East side of Dufferin, you can't miss it!

We generally meet in the South-West corner of the mall parking lot, along Dufferin Road. You'll see us... 12:00noon, first Sunday of the month.

Dufferin is located just West of the Allen Expressway, and a little ways East of the 400.

If you need better directions than that, drop us an email.
OR, if you have a good map of that area of Toronto, let us know and we'd be glad to post it!

If you have no CLUE what this is about, go to our events page and have a read about it...