Go-Kartin' Photo Gallery

Our apologies for how long this may take to load up, but it's one of those things where we wanted to show the maximum detail, because the pictures are from a distance.  ie: Go for a drink, estimated load time is around 5 mins...

kart1.jpg (43218 bytes)     kart2.jpg (39264 bytes)

kart3.jpg (35067 bytes)     kart4.jpg (33391 bytes)
                                                                          The PPG takes a tight turn!

kart5.jpg (33087 bytes)     kart6.jpg (35153 bytes)
Ed screams through the stretch!                                    Jamie takes a tough turn...

kart7.jpg (45417 bytes)     kart8.jpg (29050 bytes)
The tight curves!                                                Collision near the pits!

kart9.jpg (39932 bytes)     kart11.jpg (38040 bytes)
Brian pulls toward the finish!                                      Ed's heading for a pit stop...

kart10.jpg (78706 bytes)
The Grand Finale begins...

     kart13.jpg (43467 bytes)
...and Ed takes the checkered FLAG!

Now, wasn't that worth the wait?