Cayuga Opening Day (Free Day!) 1999

Saturday April 3rd, 1999

It was a beautiful spring day, and a great place to be...

The place was packed! Everyone and his cousin were there... this unfortunately meant that those who wanted to run, only got a few runs in... but nevertheless, it was a blast.

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This would be us at Tim Horton's on the way there... what a Caravan, moving through the streets of Stoney Creek!

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This would be us waiting in line to get Tech'd in. It was a HUGE lineup... but the good news is that they only register your name once, and you can use that car number for the rest of the year!

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So, Craig Watson lines up... against a V8 beast.

His launches have been decent...

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But, alas, in this case, at the end of the track, he was in the rear...

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Of course in this case, the contender got his ass whooped.

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So, Steve gave it a shot... in his killer FWD...

But this time, Victory was with Club DSM!

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And then it was Mark's turn... to unleash a little whoop on this poor V8

By a longshot buddy... by a longshot. Pull Beside!

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See ya at the next Test 'n Tune day! Keep an eye on the events section!