Ultimate Import Shootout

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Saturday August 8th, 1998 :

It was a very hot day on Sat., lots of cars...it was a good turnout! There were lots of Talon guys from our club and the US on hand. A contingent from Michigan of 5-6 cars were there to show off their mighty prowess. This year's and last year's shootout 2WD winners were both on hand. Very quick cars I might ad. Of peticular interest was a black 92 style Talon AWD w/ FMIC, AFC, 95 pistons, 16G (that's right, only a 16!), etc. that ran a 12.2 in the hot weather!! YIKES!! I tell u we're doing something wrong up here in the NORTH!

Johnson's all motor Integra ran a personal best of 12.922 @ 106mph!!! WOW! That is some serious MPH!! Lionel's car succombed to some tuning problems (no O2 sensor readings) and had to pack it up for the day after a few runs. It was really too bad b/c his car looked AWESOME!!! Anyone check out his FMIC? Does anyone want to keep him distracted while I T-E-E-F it!!

NAZ I believe won the Quick 8 and ET1! Congrats to one lucky guy!! Any donations to the poor NAZ?? As for the regulars, we never won anything!! I won't harp on this one b/c anyone who was there knows my BEEF!! Talons ruled the Quick 8, ET1, and ET2. All in all, it was a good day for DSMs.

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves that day. I know I died on the drive up there! NO A/C!! Anyhow, if anyone is interested in going back to the track on a cooler, less humid day, maybe sometime in Sept. or so, lemme know b/c I shall return to the track. I'm sure Lionel will go w/ me right?

Slowpoke w/ a Talon more like a Chickadee!

I set a new personal best in my 97 of 14.4s in the 1/4 and felt really good that I finally had the most flawed item in the car more tuned in -- the driver.

And only one thing to add...

I joined the Porsche Killer CLub on Saturday... when I whooped that 928 that was in attendance.

Now all I need to do, it set my sights on that beautiful 911...

Andrew Bienhaus

I had a crappy day, as my best time was 15.6@88mph. Keeping in mind the humidity, temperature, dirty K&N, fried wires and it's an AUTO! aka. (2500 rpm launches)! I suppose it could've been worse. Congrats to you on your personal best.

Paul Petricca

Had an awesome day! It was the first time I ever tried racing and what a rush! Everybody should try it regardless of how fast or slow they think their car is.

BTW with only a Mitsu 16g and manual boost control, everything else stock, I did 14.6 in the 1/4 @ 92 mph in my '91 AWD. That's a lot faster than I expected and I didn't even really know what I was doing.

Doug Howey

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