London Import Challenge

September 12th, 1998

Just thought I would post the results from the Saturday event at London... About 10 cars showed up so we were able to get MAD runs down the track!! And it was only $25 to run!! cheap as hell!! Anyways here are the results... as I remember them.

Dune Buggy? 11.85
Precision Engineering
RX-7 (red) 12.20-12.05
RX-7 (white) high 11's low12

DSM White Talon auto 15.0
Zuhair Naz 12.660@106.8MPH
Inder Minhas (me) 13.237@101.3MPH
Josip 14.55 I think 96MPH

Anyways there wasn't much to see, and track conditions were ok, but nothing special. For those of you who missed, well trust me when I say "it was nothing special!".. Besides the RX-7 and the hand full of DSMs everything else was high 15- to high 18s..

Anyways see ya at the next one!!