Fraser Valley tour #1

British Columbia, Canada

From: Dave Evans

Hello everyone,

On May 14th, the first annual Fraser Valley Tour went ahead as scheduled. We had a great day and the weather cooperated with us as well. Members that managed to come out and enjoy themselves were: Steve Blancaflor, Gary Buyagawan, Frank Cosentino, Lowell Foo, Chung Kuan, Eddie Lee, Troy Simkus and Colin Soo.

We all met at Coquitlam Centre between 9:30 and 10:00a.m.where we had an opportunity for pictures and introductions. At 10:30 we hit the road and started on our way to Harrison Hot Springs. Gary was sure receiving a lot of looks from the other motorists as he had the convertible top down the whole way! The guy in the slammed Honda must have thought he was having a bad dream when there were three lanes wide of DSMs coming up quick behind him! He took the first left he could and got the heck out of there!

After regrouping at the McDonalds in Maple Ridge, the traffic started to thin out which gave us a chance to “Open” things up a little bit. The sun started to come out more at this point and the temperature was creeping up into the low 20’s.

 We all managed to stay together up to Mission when one of us had a little overheating problem due to a bad rubber seal on a radiator cap. Good thing for cell phones! We were up and running again after a few minutes to make a repair and fuel up on some 94 octane at the Chevron.
The highway at this point became very open after we passed two motorists traveling 10km an hour less than the posted speed! Twists, turns, hills and curves kept us all busy for about an hour when we finally found ourselves at the magnificent resort of Harrison Hot Springs. We managed to get parking all together by the boardwalk that runs the length of the beach.
At this point we all did our own thing as far as lunch goes and then met up again an hour later. After more pictures and some DSM talk, it was time to say our good-byes and head for home. Steve, Gary and I opted for the Hwy 1 route back home and had a little fun on the Trans Canada Hwy, returning back from a spectacular day of driving.

Since the tour I have received a lot of positive feedback from those that managed to attend. I would like to especially thank Steve and Frank for making it up from Washington state, I know it was a couple hours to get here. Hope you had fun guys! Thanks for all of the awesome pictures that were sent as well.

I am going to try and plan another run for late August. This time I am going to add a few more twisty back roads. If you like what you have read about the May tour and would like to participate in a tour on August 20th, let me know if you or others would like to participate. More information will be coming in June.

Bye for now!