CMIC at Cayuga

Review courtesy of Lionel

It was a blast!

Biggest event in Cayuga so far...

120 racers, 500 spectators .......WOW!

I really wish I had my car there to race instead of Johnson's "street car".

I was eliminated in the 3rd lighted with a .475 light. Boro red lighted, and so did Steve (CRX). So out of 5 cars, 3 of us red lighted from the Ultimate Crew. What can I say....itchy feet?

I ran Johnson's newly acquired street car with a best of 14.1@98. Sounds slow? What if I told you this car had a 2.5" exhaust and intercooler pipes.....boost set to "just" 10psi. Hmmmm doesn't sound that slow now does it? The car is a white 1990 Talon...looks exactly like mine...but lowered with leather.

Boro was running high 12's.....12.7's I believe, but red lighted...

Natalie drove her burgundy Laser FWD into the semi finals with a 15.7, but was elimiated when she had a bad launch...Russell and Natalie are from Chattam (sp?) about 3 hours away...these two really love to drag race! BTW - their car is sponsored by Brullen...I believe Brullen used their car to make a FWD exhaust for the 1G cars.

Naz, stole the show again, and won his bracket with a 12.95 dial-in. He beat all those pesky RX-7's running 12.4's to 12.80's.
Way to go Naz!

Other highlights....Maxwell Auto's 12.3 Civic blew up its motor on a pass...The white Civic with Turbo and Nos ran 12.2...and Ultimate Racing's first Turbo Civic....the one I was warning you guys about, ran 12.59@111...pretty scary since this was its FIRST time out, and I tuned it mainly on Select Ave...I didn't touch the PMS at all at the drag strip. I can hear it already....Johnson's gonna be calling me to try and squeeze more out of that car.

'Nuff ramblin' was a good event, and hope to see more of our guys at next year's TCMC Battle of the Imports.