Club DSM Season Finale!

Raceday Reports, Comments, and Picturess

Saturday September 26th, 1998 :
(thanks to Steve and Andy for the pics!)

Fantastic day of fun and test 'n tune.

PPG-Misty-980926.JPG (8319 bytes)
The day began with rain and heavy fog on the way there... but we trusted in our DSM Meterologists, and kept on driving!

Riced-980926.JPG (31767 bytes)
Met up with everyone else at the track, and got signed in. "Riced" even joined us from Ohio with his Galant VR4. The place quickly filled with Mustangs, mostly on trailers, but we held our own little area, and seemed to get a decent amount of respect.

FourCarPanorama-980926.JPG (18132 bytes)

BoroFixCar-980926.JPG (30535 bytes)
A fair amount of adjusting, tuning, and general playing around went on under the hoods, between smoking runs down the track.

SteveWhiteCar-980926.JPG (32591 bytes)
Steve had his first day out at the track, and while his adrenaline levels left him shaking most of the day, he had some very good times. Carlos was out with his newly painted car, and his girlfriend, and they both had fun. Worst problem of the day, was Dennis Wong's A/C belt that jumped a tooth, and started making a terrible noise. After repeated attempts to fix it, they finally just cut it off...

CrowdBBQ-980926.JPG (48089 bytes)
Everyone else there was pretty cool, and when it came to lunch, it was nice to have our own hot meals. The BBQ is something we will definitely have to do again next time. We'll have to get PPG to get the steaks though, right Mr. Purple Plymouth Gourmet?

HanginOut-980926.JPG (23906 bytes)
By the end of the day, most had improved on their personal best, and Boro and Mark, had managed to chew up a few Mushtangs. The trailer queens were tough to beat, but the rest of them were pretty easy pickin's...

See you all at the next one!