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...a couple from Derrick Jamieson

Richard Murphy's Ride, with a little creative photo-editing

Dave's in the mud again...

Four wheels of fire
Carbon fibre, steel, and tyres
Rip the concrete causing friction
Speed is a drug, a huge addiction
Fancying your ride
Showing your face, nothing to hide
Peel off with a grumbling VTEC
Feel the G's attack your neck
Pedals to the floor
A chromed gas door
Racing the fool beside you
He's got a set of wheels too
Let's see who can go the fastest
Get to the next lights, just try to catch us
Low groans and sounds from under the hood
Listen to my work-it's all good!
Pop the hood, "Check out some of these!"
Yeah, I'd love to see where you put that 18G
Watch as the boost quickly rises
Then watch me take off-no surprizes
Hit the gas, see the next lights getting nearer
And that 5.0 Mustang in your rear view mirror
Hit Spadina, Highway 10, or maybe even The Pit
Just make sure to forge that pink slip!
Some guys take it way to far
Spending an extra 50G's on their car
Money they never have in the bank
The loan officer is who you gotta thank
But it's all in good fun despite the fender benders
Fun-yeah-just don't chrome your damn fenders!

Duane Sahadat

The reality...
predator.gif (49375 bytes)

This is rumoured to be Dave's new 8 second DSM.
6000hp.jpg (25945 bytes)

Dan Aho has suggested that this is the only way to win...
JetEclipse.jpg (36049 bytes)

...failing that, you'll never truly "lose" if you're equipped like this:
TalonTank.jpg (48769 bytes)

David Pankew's latest submission... this is a Limo I would ride in any day...
slammed_stretchedTSi.jpg (22035 bytes)

the TSi is everywhere...