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 Quick 8 Rules

1. All Quick-8 vehicles must pass safety tech inspection based on NHRA or IHRA sanctioning bodies.

2. All Quick-8 vehicles must have paid the entry fee and passed safety tech inspection before qualifying.

3 The eight quickest ETs recorded during time trials will qualify the vehicles for the Quick-8 competition. If a qualifier decides not to compete or is unable to run in the first round in the Quick-8, the next quickest vehicle will be offered a spot until a field of eight qualified cars exists.

4. Elimination's will consist of heads-up racing using a Pro-tree. Any red light will automatically lead to disqualification.

5. All Ouick-8 vehicles must have an import chassis with functional doors.Certain exceptions will be made for domestic-labeled, joint-manufactured vehicles that have a Canadian/USA-available, import counterpart. Some examples are: Chrysler Conquest, Dodge Colt, Dodge Stealth, Eagle Talon, Ford Probe, Mercury Capri XR2 and Plymouth Laser. Any models in question will be determined legal or illegal by the tech officials.

6. Vehicles must use an O.E.M. rear-end and have stock chassis. Modifications such as: back-half conversions, tube chassis and wheel tubs will not permitted.

7. The vehicle’s chassis and engine must be of the same manufacturer and the engine must be located in O.E.M.location for the chassis type used.

8. Rear-wheel-drive conversions are not permitted.

9. Engine must run on pump or unleaded racing gasoline only.

10. Vehicles are allowed to use racing slicks or D.O.T. approved tires.

11. Up to two power adders (nitrous oxide, turbo, supercharger) may be used on an engine. Multi-stage nitrous, or twin turbo setups will be considered as one power adder.

12. All Quick 8 vehicles must meet or exceed the minimum weights based on driveline configuration (FWD, RWD, AWD) and number of power adders.
~ FWD (1 power adder): minimum 1900 pounds
~ FWD (2 power adders): minimum 2100 pounds
~ RWD or AWD (1 power adder): minimum 2500 pounds
~ RWD or AWD (2 power adders): minimum 2700 pounds

All weights are with vehicle and driver together. After each round, all winners must go directly to the scale to be weighed to check for compliance with the minimum weight requirement. Any vehicle that does not meet or exceed the minimum weight requirement will be subject to disqualification.

Classes and Additional Information

Quick 8:

Must comply to The Ultimate Import Challenge Quick 8 rules.

- cash prize + trophy

Bracket Classes:

Bracket winners and runner-ups will receive a cash prize + trophy

12.99 - and faster

13.00 - 14.99

15.00 - and slower

Bike Classes:

Quickest ET:
- cash prize + trophy

Fastest MPH:
- cash prize + trophy

Best Reaction Time:
- trophy

*All cash prizes donated by Ultimate Racing.

*Over $2000 in Spectator Door Prizes!


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