Shootout 2001

Planning Pages

This is a simple scratch pad for the planning details, as they are finalized.

Caravan info will follow shortly.

Motel info is as follows:

As of now, we have booked:

Room # Cardholder Name Roommate Wed
July 18
July 19
July 20
July 21
1 Andrew Bienhaus

 !! Needed !!

2 Mark Scheitzbach Chris Holmes X X X X
3 Marta Cepek (Son)   X X X
4 Kevin Belitski Andrea Dogdan   X X X
5 Damian Sigman     X X X
6 Damian Sigman     X X X
7 John Hopkins     X X X
8 Wayne Kasel     X X X
9 Lance Stacey     X X X
10 Allan C. Pepper     X X X
11 Paul Petricca     X X X
12 Craig Watson   X X X X
13 Sean Dean Amy X X X X
14 Francois Villeneuve     X X  
15 Waldo Calderon     X X X
16 Gerry White     X    
17 Ian Clarke   X X X X
18 David Smith     X X X
19 Ghislain Goudreau     X X X
20 Scott Neville     X X X

The rest of the maps you might need, are located on the Shootout Main pages.