Car Show 2001

It's time again, for the most exciting, most thrilling part of any car event, THE CAR SHOW!!!

Hold on.
What are we, Hondas?!

I think NOT.
Let's try again...

Welcome to, the (mostly) Annual tiny2_dsm.gif (1374 bytes) Shootout Car Show...

This is a real man's (or woman's!!) car show. None of these show and shine, polish boys, with more rubbing compound under their hoods than engine.

First off, no 1G, 2G, 3G, Galant, Stealth classes. If your car feels valid to call itself a DSM, it can enter. This show is for everyone... not just the guys who seem to have all the time in the world, to spend rubbing their cars down with a diaper. WE WANT EVERYONE!!!

Let's take a look at the categories, just to see how different we really are:

A one award per entrant limit will be enforced, to ensure that the "wealth" is spread around. All Judgments are final.

The show will be open to visitors, competitors and vendors alike.

Fees: Entry for the show, is $5.00 per car. Spectators are free.

Times: Gates open at 8am, with showing beginning at 10am. Judging will begin at 1pm, with trophies and awards handed out no later than 2:30pm.

Note: We're not seeking specific expensive prizes from vendors this year, due to the hassle factor... and the fact that we've had problems in past years, with certain vendors backing out, AFTER the event... which is no fun for anyone.

Please respect the instructions of the Gate Marshals on site. They are volunteers, and deserve your courtesy and respect. Everyone entering the site, must sign a waiver, in order to be on NRP property. Parking for non-entrants will be provided onsite, just follow the instructions so as not to interfere with the actual show cars.

Vendors: Please check in with gate staff, and you will be directed to the vendors area.

Questions?  Email us.

Sponsored as always, by Dave and the fine team at Buschur Racing - Innovators, not Imitators.

And with voluntary support from Meguiar's Car Detailing Products, our thanks to you.

Brought to you by the fine folks at Club DSM Canada... home of real beer, and truly chilly intake temps. maple.gif (222 bytes)

"So, just how many meters are there in a quarter mile, eh?!"