Documentation for Selena Sol's Database Manager Script


This file contains information about installing this script on your local web server.


This file contains information about the changes made to this script.


This file contains chapter 11 from Instant Web Scripts with CGI Perl (in a final draft stage). This chapter documents an older version of the script however, much of the text remains pertinent.

Selena Sol's CGI Security Article

Please take time to read this article which covers various issues of CGI security. Many of my scripts demand that you take some time to make provisions for security. You can be sure that all the CGI hackers out there will be reading it!

Selena Sol's Public Domain Script Archive

This is the primary archive where all of my scripts reside. I recommend that before you install this script, you make sure that you have the latest copy of it! You will also find all sorts of other web programming resources there.

Selena Sol's Perl FAQ

This is an electronic version of Appendix A: Perl Quick Guide from Instant Web Scripts with CGI Perl by Selena Sol and Gunther Birznieks. If you are a beginning or intermediate level Perl programmer, I recommend that you take a look there if you are having any trouble understanding the syntax used to create this program.

Selena Sol's General Customization and Installation FAQ

This should be your first stop if you are simply installing this script right out of the box and you are experiencing some difficulties such as "500 Server Error". 80% of all configuration problems are solved in this FAQ so take some time to read this before you panic.

Selena Sol's CGI Debugging FAQ

If you are doing more than simply installing this script as is (such as making modifications to the source for your own unique needs), I recommend that you take some time to read this short article on debugging strategies for script customization.

Selena Sol's CGI Script Discussion Forum

If all else fails, you should next seek help from your peers. John Cesta has generously donated his time to maintain a bulletin board on which hundreds of CGI developers come to help each other solve problems with my CGI scripts and others. If you have trouble logging onto the BBS, please email John at

Instant Web Scripts with CGI Perl

Most of my scripts and most of the libraries used by them are discussed in great detail in this book. Fortunately, the publisher has given me permission to publish electronic copies of some of the chapters so I recommend that you take some time to review the chapters relevant to this script.